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Thailand Trip Is A Great Getaway

Thailand Trip Is A Great Getaway

Travelling to Pattaya is a very exciting experience for many tourists from all over the world. Pattaya is located in the Andaman Sea and is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and forests that make it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday. There are many beautiful hotels in Pattaya and some of the most expensive ones like the Blue Moon Suites by Star International will cost you up to 8 thousand dollars per night. If you do not want to spend such kind of money then there are other cheaper hotels in Pattaya like the Chepong Hotel which can also be budget friendly.

Trip to Pattaya

So, what will a tourist do on his/her first trip to Pattaya? One of the most popular activities in Pattaya is that of riding on a tricycle. You can catch a glimpse of school kids riding their tricycles at some point of time during your stay in Pattaya, as the city is famous for its bakkie bike tours. The price of a tour on a tricycle would be roughly one hundred dollars. A day trip on a tricycle would cost you a little less than a couple of hundred dollars per day.

Another very popular activity in Pattaya is bungee jumping. You can try this activity once in your lifetime and if you have the courage to try this adventure then it is one of the most thrilling activities you could try. Bungee jumping at Chaweng Beach in Chiang Mai is one of the best places in Pattaya where you can jump for free. This is one of the cheapest trips for two persons and you can even enjoy the thrill that bungee jumping gives.

One of the major concerns of people planning for a trip to Pattaya is the flight tickets. If you are among these people who do not like to travel by plane then there is no better option than flying. Two airlines who offer flight deals to Pattaya are Thai Airways and Jetblue. If you are willing to spend more on your vacation to Thailand, you can opt for the business class tickets as flight rates are moderately higher for these classes. Flight costs can be easily budgeted by using the available flight options in Pattaya – hire a car or rent a motorcycle and pay a small amount of money for the rental.

When it comes to planning your Thailand trip, it is advisable that you should plan your trip in advance so that you will not face any last minute hassles. Plan your Thailand trip in the autumn or winter when the weather is perfect to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Thailand. Since Thailand is located in the arid and semi-arid areas, the climate here is generally hot and humid. There are low-lying areas which can help you to enjoy a pleasant climate during your Thailand trip.

One of the most popular Thailand trips is the ones that include visiting Pattaya. This place is known to have a beautiful beach, shopping malls, water sports, entertainment centers and restaurants that will all amaze you during your trip to Pattaya. The flight deal to Pattaya is extremely low when you compare it with other luxurious flights in Thailand. It is advisable to book your flight well in advance as the airfares get lower on the days before and after major holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Year’s day.