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Planning a Trip to Lefka

Planning a Trip to Lefka

Trip to Lefka

Planning a Trip to Lefka

The ancient town of Lefka is well worth a visit if you are coming from the greater Cyprus area. Lefka is home to ruins from an ancient island that has been swallowed up by the modern world, but it is still worth a trip. This is a good location for a short break, although even those coming from further afield should consider making this trip. Cyprus is a wonderful destination for holiday makers and the Lefka region offers many attractions for visitors. This area is not heavily populated and has a laid back atmosphere. There is no reason why visitors cannot relax here and experience the real beauty of this place.

It was the ancient Cypriot capital, which was destroyed in the 7th century BC, that Lefka became a key cultural centre. It has been home to artists, musicians and writers for many centuries. Many of the local treasures have been brought back to Cyprus from their original resting places and are on display in museums and galleries across the world. If you like shopping then this is a must see town.

The most famous attraction here is Lefka harbour. It is a picturesque setting with many exotic shops selling traditional Cypriot items, but also many exclusive designer boutiques. There is a wonderful restaurant in town, but it must be said that it is not the cleanest or most hospitable. You can avoid the crowds if you do not want to mingle with the local Cypriots. If you are planning a long stay in this town then it is better to plan your sightseeing around this area during your first few days in Cyprus, so that you do not waste too much time visiting other areas of Lefka that might be more worthwhile.

There are plenty of activities on offer in Lefka, including trips to sea and land. You can take part in snorkeling amongst the sea life or maybe take part in a mini-ferry race if you are so inclined. Some people love to fish, while others like to explore the history and culture of the region by visiting the Nicosia Gallery. Other interesting activities include a visit to the National Archaeological Museum or theantzidis Museum. These museums will give you an insight into the ancient Cypriot culture.

The town of Limassol is a little inland from Lefka. This little coastal town offers visitors a slightly different experience, with its mix of modern and conservative culture. Limassol is home to the only National Medieval Carving Museum, where you can see the kilts, shields and weapons that were used by the medieval knights and castles in Cyprus. If you like medieval arts and crafts then you should not miss this museum.

If you are looking for a more cultural holiday then a trip to Lefka is highly recommended. This picturesque fishing village is a great location for a medieval exploration. You can try the delicious Limassol sea food and explore the medieval streets and quiet alleys. You could even make the most of your time at the flea market, while you pick up some unique souvenirs to take back with you.