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Things To Do In Akanthou

Things To Do In Akanthou

Trip to Akanthou

Things To Do In Akanthou

One of the most visited cities of Cyprus, Akanthou is a vibrant city that is steeped in history and beauty. A cultural center for the entire region, it is a must-see for anyone planning a Cyprus holiday. It has a rich heritage and a diverse culture, reflecting both the original Cypriot way of life and the European traditions that have been adapted here over the years. The old town and city center, the sea front and surrounding countryside are all fascinating to explore during a holiday trip to Akanthou.

Akanthou is home to many interesting tourist sights and tourist activities. There are so many places to see, you might just want to linger an extra day or so just to experience them all. Book your next trip to Akanthou using Agoda, backed up by a low cost guarantee. You can even use their travel insurance for a hassle free trip to Akanthou.

Akanthou has two main commercial complexes, including the Minchinati Industrial Estate and the Kammanetti Enterprise. The former is focused on industrial activity, manufacturing and shipping while the latter focuses on food processing and shipping. These commercial complexes contain a lot of shops, restaurants and other forms of entertainment. You will definitely need a lot of time to go around and admire all the sights. If you are into night life, then there is plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy as well.

Tourists love to visit the old town of Akanthou. In this old town, you can find many charming shops selling everything from crafts to antiques. Most of the shops are open until late, which is great if you want to have a wander around while sampling the local cuisine. Akanthou’s food is said to be one of the best in all of Greece.

While in Akanthou, make sure not to miss a visit to its museums. Some of these include the newly discovered Archaeological Museum that has more than 6000 pieces of ancient artifacts. Other popular museums include the National Archaeological Museum and the Hellenistic and Roman Museum. The latter, though it predates modern day Greece, is still quite impressive. The museum is home to numerous priceless artifacts, including an Egyptian Pharaoh’s coffin.

Travel tips. In case you decide to go on this trip in the summer, remember that the weather can be quite hot and humid. Bring along a light, cotton shirt. Bring extra water and some snacks. Make sure you have booked yourself a vehicle rental before leaving for Akanthou so that you won’t have to worry about transporting your luggage.