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An Excursion To The Holy Mosque In Qadeemah

An Excursion To The Holy Mosque In Qadeemah


An Excursion To The Holy Mosque In Qadeemah

In the Qadeemah holy mosque in Saudi Arabia, there is a very important place where you can go and worship. You have to enter through the gate of the mosque and you will find yourself in a square where there is a fountain. This fountain gives off a fragrance that attracts all who enter. This fragrance has a strong spiritual impact and has great healing effects on people who are suffering from illnesses.


One must be aware that this fountain is not open to visitors. You will be prohibited from entering for twenty-four hours. However, you will still be able to pray and receive blessings from the mosque. You will also be allowed to roam about in the mosque and look around. The blessings of the mosque will surround you and help you gain strength for facing your problems.


You should keep in mind that this fountain is not permanent. It will recede back to its original place after one month. You will not miss it if you miss a week or two in between. Some people have reported seeing the spirit of the deceased to come back as a ghost and rest at the fountain. You can see the spirit of the dead as it looks around the water.


The most important thing that you should keep in mind before visiting the mosque in Qadeemah is to cleanse your soul and mind before entering the holy mosques. You should wash your hands and feet with pure water before stepping on the carpet. You should clean your face with water from quteen or oil and then put on your head with your face hair comb. Make sure that you do not touch any holy Muslim’s garment until you are fully washed.


It is important to listen to the religious songs that are being played inside the mosques. There are several types of music that are being played. You will be expected to stand for some time and just sit quietly. When you feel tired, you should go to a spot in front of the fireplace where you can find a place to rest.

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A group of men will escort you to the dining place called al-Sakhrah. This is a large hall where you will eat and enjoy the company of the other pilgrims. It is considered to be an honor for a visitor to eat in the kitchen of the holy mosque. You will be served with many kinds of food including the famous rice and meat dish called Makhdoo. It is considered to be the finest dish in the holy Qadeemah.